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July 16

I was working on a post about a professor that I have had in school and my very visceral and overwhelming fantasies about him.

Sometimes it can be so very difficult to think before acting upon desires. 

May 17

Back and wetter than ever.

April 10

a teacher of mine

I have an insatiable kink for teachers. One day, someday, I must be dominated by one of my teachers (or future professors).

I have a teacher that I’ve had a huge crush on since last year. I’ve had fantasies about her ever since I can remember meeting her. Something about her is just so sexy and enticing. But there’s another thing about her - she keeps a paddle in her classroom.

She says that students in an old class of hers at another school made it for her in their Woodshop class. I refuse to believe her, partly because it ruins my fantasies of her if I were to believe that way, and because she seems like someone that is interested in kink.

One of these days, I’d like her to take me over her knee and spank me during class. And have her way with me afterwards.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

March 23

i need to please

I need to fuck. The thought is just consuming mind.

I can’t resist or hold off any longer. I need someone to please sexually. I can’t stop thinking about kissing, licking, sucking, someone, all over. I need to do this.

I need a release.

March 2

i’m tired of not being in love.

I’m tired of unrequited love. I need intimacy, passion, tension, desire. These are the things I need.

February 26

thinking about a special someone…

A girl. I have been interested in her for quite a while now.

I just think about her all day. I wish I woke up with her in the morning.

I wish I went to sleep with her in the evening.

She’s just beautiful. In that way in which you just can’t get over it. I mostly use sarcasm to behave in a somewhat nonchalant way around her, but I… I’m not that way at all. I just can’t stop thinking about being with her. With her.


February 22

i want to be loved by you

"You" is no one in particular. I just need the attention. All over.

I need to be licked, kissed, and sucked all over. I need it.

Masturbation can only get you so far. I want the real thing, not tokens.

February 20

freebasing on confidence.

I’m walking down the grocery aisles, searching for the cold Coke machine so I can get two diet Cokes before school and all, and I see you stocking the frozen foods section. I stare. I run my eyes up and down your body, which looks tight and well-proportioned even under thick clothing to keep you warm. I keep staring. You respond, and nicely, too. Ooh. You sent a chill up my spine.

February 17

my grades in history

I asked my government teacher about an assignment in which I did every part of the task, but neglected to finish the last answers as accurately as I could have. I then asked her about the points I did not receive, and she told me about how I did not do well on the said assignment.

There is nothing I love more than being reprimanded by her.

The only thing I would like more than that is for her to take me over her knee and spank me. HARD.

Her reprimanding almost sent me over the edge.

February 16

staring across the room,

practically molesting you with my eyes, hoping you’ll look up, wishing and hoping that someday I’ll be able to ravage you. Someday.